fredag 4. juli 2008

Sky Watch Friday #12

Sunsets from my balcony the last week.

To see more photos from around the world or to join Sky Watch, please visit Tom.

15 kommentarer:

  1. Herlig sky-watch og feriebilder. Flott kommode du også har pusset opp---gøy med litt forandring. og at vi kan bruke gammelt!!

    God sommer!!

  2. It is well known that we Portuguese once sailed the seven seas searching for new lands, wealth and adventures.
    We were brave in those days and gave the world new worlds!

    Luckily I don’t have to sail the big oceans on a small ship to sea the wonders of our world …
    No Sir, I just need to check with Mr. Tom, the finest host there is, for a trip around the world with SKY WATCH TOURS and with a click here, a click there I am quickly in the USA, England, Brazil, Italy, China, Australia, Finland … well, everywhere.

    And on each stop I come to see a little marvel of our world under a great sky!
    Hope you can come and see my piece of the sky at lenses & visions

  3. Very nice skys. I like your SWF post today.

  4. Perfect views. What a nice place.

  5. You are very lucky to have such gorgeous views from you balcony! I like this Sky Watch entry. Have a good weekend!

  6. Lovely subtle sky watch images.

  7. Very beautiful sunsets! And a beautiful place to live!

  8. Very beautiful sunsets! And a beautiful place to live!

  9. Flotte bilder for sky watch og flotte ferie bilder i posten over.
    Ha en fortsatt fin ferie og helg!

  10. Beautiful... thank you so much for joining in again this week.. I'm a bit late visiting but still wanted you to know your post was very much Appreciated..


  11. Flotte SWF bilder Stine. Typisk lys norsk himmel !!


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